At Pinpoint Clinic in St. Helens, Oregon, making our clients feel better keeps us driven to serve. Read testimonials from some of our past clients, from either our Pain Management or Vision Regeneration program. 

* Note that results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.

What can I say about Brad, Minh, and their staff? We'll, I let them poke needles into me to feel better and I hate needles. I've been going to Pinpoint a little over a year now and I can't imagine going anyplace else. I endure intractable migraine and acupuncture helps me cope. I know that Dr. Brad Whisnant cares about me as an individual and wants to help me feel better. I've been to numerous physicians and neurologists who have wanted to treat my "head pain". Brad is treating the "forest and not just the tree". A holistic approach to treatment has been very beneficial for me. I can walk into their office feeling horrible and walk out after a session feeling more relaxed and in control of my illness. It's like my own little slice of nirvana and I mean that seriously. There is no cure for migraine, but acupuncture from an educated, caring, and dedicated practitioner can make a world of difference.

R.R, Scappoose, OR

I have gone to Brad for the past 4 years and he definitely knows how to make you feel a lot better than when you walked in. He is very professional and there is a feeling of tranquil that soothes the soul. I would definitely recommend him for anything that ails you.

L.N, Washington

My words can not truly express just how amazing PinPoint Acupuncture is. I had never been til about a year and a half ago. I was at pulling at strings willing to try ANYTHING to get some relief. I had been to all sorts of drs, and with my condition I continued to get worse. Dr. Whisnant, had seen me at my absolute worse, at one point I was fighting for my life with malnutrition, consistant dehydration, and blood loss. Each and EVERY time I have come in, he and his team of dr.s have always listened, asked the right questions, asked what my thoughts were, consistently explained his process and how he thinks it would help, always took the time to answer my questions....most importantly, I have never been rushed. They know that their patient knows their body the best and as a team comes up with the best treatment plan. They not only give phenominal customer care, they treat you as a person. They care, they want to see you doing well and happy. It is VERY clear that Dr. Brad Whisnant has compassion for what he does and his desires to help people. My mother always told me that my dr.s work for me, and if I am not recieving the care I deserve, to walk. I have very high standards in which I carry for my Dr.s and he has far exceeded them. If you have a migraine, IBD, plantars fashitis, I mean the list goes on and you been on the fence of trying Acupuncture, he is your guy.. You will NOT regret it! He has made me a believer and I was quite skeptical... I can not say thank you enough! A huge blessing in my life.

K. P, St. Helens, OR

"Macular Pucker / Dr. Brad Whisnant                                             Summer, 2017

I had an unsuccessful macular pucker surgery in 2013.  A Google search for the term "macular pucker" produced no significant emails for 3+ years - until an article showed up featuring Brad Whisnant, St. Helens, OR-based acupuncturist, who hosted a one month eye clinic, treatments having included macular pucker.  Oregon is a very long trip from south Florida, but I decided to invest in a two week treatment with Brad.  This included 2-3 treatments per day for ten weekdays, including Chinese herbs, special goggles, foot baths, and more.  It was aggressive and intense; however, having macular pucker is definitely not fun either.

Before leaving Oregon, I found that my eye was a lot clear (not "wandering" at all), was actually trying to focus better, and I was able to stay up 2-3 hours later at night without my eye tearing, burning, and otherwise causing me to "get tired" at 8:30-9:00 every night.  This difference alone was worth the trip(!), giving me an extra 2-3 hours per night.  

I returned from Oregon and visited with my ophthalmologist who was eagerly looking forward to taking a fresh picture of my eye.  What we found was:
   - I gained an extra 2 lines on the reading chart in his office (this is big); and,
   - The thickness of my macula was reduced by 23% ("miraculous") - which no doubt is the reason I have much less irritation with my eye.
My ophthalmologist was so excited that he suggested that I advise Brad to publish a study with my - and others' - results.

Brad Whisnant is an awesome acupuncturist and I would greatly recommend him to anyone with any kind of eye issues, especially those which have appeared to be "untreatable."  Chances are that Brad will be able to reawaken tissues which you may have thought were no longer going to be healthy."  

Pompano Beach, Florida

"I was born with R. P (Retinitis Pigmentosa) in 1966 and diagnosed in 1997 after constantly accidentally knocking my toddle down. I have been told for years by medical doctors there is no surgery, treatment or cure. The best they could do was give me medicine to stabilize it.

I discovered Dr. Brad Whisnant online while looking up eye supplements. I didn’t find any supplement instead I found new hope.

Dr. Whisnant specializes in acupuncture for eye diseases and the week of April 3, 2017, he was having two guest doctors from Norway, Dr. Erik Vinge Olbjorn and Dr. Ole Jorgen Frydenlund.

Day one April 3rd they had me read the eye chart and do peripheral testing. I show results the first day. By the end of my 4th treatment on day two I am reading 3 lines further down the eye chart with my right eye and two lines down on my left. I have a tiny bit of peripheral regained. Today is day 3 of a two week treatment. I am super excited to see what’s ahead!!

It can sound simple or crazy to some but I can now see the difference between shampoo and conditioner in the shower. I’m trying to read everything like a little kid. My hope is by furthering these treatments of the course of these two weeks that I can drive again. I haven’t driven since 2008! Stay tuned.

Thank you thank you thank you, to Drs who think outside the box! I will sing your praises from the roof tops!


Tammy B., 

Port Angeles, WA.

You don't have to wait til you're diagnosed with age-related eye diseases! You can have acupuncture treatments to prevent it in the long run too! Here's another positive feed back from one of the eye patients:

"“It’s a miracle!”

Because my family has a long history of eye problems such as macular degeneration and glaucoma, I became very interested when I heard that acupuncture was being used for treatment of several eye-disorders. Better yet, Brad Whisnant, Dr. of Acupuncture at the Pinpoint Clinic in St. Helens, had invited two Norwegian acupuncturists (Erik & Ole) to come to his St. Helens Clinic for a week. I signed up immediately with the hope that this preventative treatment might save me from blindness in my old age.

The miracle here occurs in that while they listened to my story, both men observed some fairly severe and uncomfortable side-effects from allergies including dizziness, teary eyes, congestion and sneezing. They indicated acupuncture could help. The miracle side of the story comes in that not only am I seeing better, my allergy symptoms have almost disappeared!

The last few years I’ve become more and more aware of the benefits of alternative medicine, including acupuncture, good nutrition and regular exercise. It’s evident that the old Chinese (Eastern medicine) providers could teach our Western health caregivers some good lessons and eliminate some of the expensive and damaging drugs prescribed to millions of us fanned by the greed of money-hungry drug companies.

By Diane D., St. Helens"

"The gift of sight is priceless!

When Dr. Whisnant told me that on the week of April 3, 2017, he was having two guest doctors of Acupuncture from Norway, Dr. Erik Vinje Olbjørn and Dr. Ole Jørgen Frydenlund , come to restore your vision I was very excited to be able to get an appointment with them.

With gradual deterioration of my vision, it seemed nearly impossible to get the correct prescription for my eyes. I thought I would be soon not be able to see like my relatives had been.

The first day of acupuncture, I left the clinic and was extremely shocked at how much clearer my eyesight already was. I could see license plates a few cars ahead of mt and read some road signs, that I had had such a hard time seeing in the past.

By the third visit, my sight has improved quite a bit. Everything was clearer, colors were more vibrant, I can see at night in the rain, with oncoming cars. I no longer have itchy dry eyes.

Having better vision was hard to imagine, but attainable with acupuncture. It has worked for me!

Thank you for your caring nature and concern for people’s eyesight~

Joyce J, Scappoose"

 “Acupuncture has brought balance to my life from a deep depression and an agonizing detox. Literally acupuncture saved my life. It is the most effective and natural healing I have ever experienced. Almost every family member and friend I know has now gone for a wide range aliments to see Brad. With his knowledge, ability and technique of acupuncture, I feel safe and confident in the healing. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to experience such astounding results naturally and see Brad locally. Thank you brad!”

- J. Smith (Scappoose)

“Brad and his staff are highly professional. He has helped with my pain and stress. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

- Doug (St. Helens)

“This is my personal experience with acupuncture and Brad Whisnant.

I have chronic back, neck and knee pain. At different points in time, my knee and back pain go to excruciating levels. I had got to a point so much pain; all I could do is stand (because I couldn’t sit) in the middle of the room and cry. There was NO relief, NO position changes, sitting or laying nothing would help. I did try the traditional pain medicine and muscle relaxers with little effect on the unbearable pain. I had to reach this pain level to throw my arms up and try something new, which was Acupuncture. I was always scared; you know the story freaked out by needles. So when I finally reached that point with my pain, I gave in to give it a shot. (No pun intended) I first heard about Brad Whisnant from a friend, she says “did you know we have a healer in town?” She proceeded to tell me about Brad, how he has helped her with his mastery of herbal medicines and acupuncture. Not every acupuncturist is the same; I personally believe Brad is a very special person. The difference for me is two things, One, I can tell Brad really cares, you sure don’t see that this much these days, and two he also is very talented with his skills; within my first visit, I noticed while laying on the table with the needles in I was actually pain free!! So I lay in the room with the needles in me not fretting about the needles but how I am going to show my appreciation, for the relief.

I would recommend him to anyone, and have, to try Acupuncture with Brad!! I also wanted to mention that my allergies received relief too; and I finally slept the night through for 3 consecutive days after each treatment. I plan to continue to see Brad and I feel so fortunate to be blessed with his wisdom in Acupuncture and Herbal remedies.

Sincere thanks to Brad, Paul and everyone at the Pinpoint Clinic for all they do!”

- Suzy (St. Helens)

“I wanted to say thank you to Brad for his help with me and my entire family. I first started seeing Brad for my allergies and back pain. After a few treatments I was feeling so much better, I told my husband and daughter to go. My daughter has been suffering from migraines and seizures since she was a child due to an injury. With Brad’s acupuncture her migraines have stopped and we have been able to reduce her seizure medication by half. Our daughter doesn’t suffer the side effects of her medications now, and she sleeps so much better! Brad also was able to help my husband with his stress and sleep. My husband works about 50 hours a week and has a very stressful job. With weekly acupuncture treatments his stress has been reduced, he is much happier, and actually has energy for the weekend. Thank you Brad and your staff! I’m so happy I found you all in our little community. Please don’t ever leave!”

- Marilyn (Scappoose)

“Brad helped me when my knee gave out and I was in a lot of pain, with only 3 treatments the pain level went from a 10 to a 2 in a 1-10 scale with 10 being the highest. Brad is carful because I hate needles and he was so touching and thoughtful about making me feel very comfortable. Thank you, Brad.”

- Paul (St. Helens)

“Thank you Brad for all your hard work on me. I know, it’s been a long road. When I first met you I had no idea acupuncture did or could work. I was so skeptical of acupuncture and your herbs. You took the time to explain to me how and why acupuncture works. You talked with my about your herbs, the safety, the reasons why herbs work and don’t work. And I must say, you have always been there for me, 24/7. I have never known a doctor that allowed his patients to call him on his personal cell phone if they ever had a question or a concern. You have been there for me 100% while I underwent my chemotherapy, my radiation, and now my journey back from my cancer. Thank you so much for always talking with me, explaining things to me and even helping me understand all my western medical drugs. You have been a blessing in my life. Thank you Brad and here’s to the future of my new healthy body!”

- Erika (St. Helens)

“Brad, you have worked wonders on my pain and understood my medical issues better than most of all my western doctors over all my years of western medicine. Thank you very much. You have also helped with my state of mind and been a great listener.”

- Joannie (St. Helens)

“I had never had accupuncture in my life prior to seeing Brad and now I can’t live without it ! Brad is a very caring person who starts each visit with an in-depth talk about what is happening in your life and what areas you want to focus on in the treatment. I am continually impressed with how well Brad listens and also how much he cares about his patients.

I would recommend Brad to anyone, whether it be for body pain or stress relief or anything. It will be a really good use of your time and will make you a happier person.”

- Robert (St. Helens)

“To any person seeking true pain relief:

There IS hope. Eight short months ago I was convinced that I was doomed to living in hell. I have suffered with extreme pain in my body from my neck to my toes since I was a late teenager. As a kid I suffered several major traumas to my body, and as an adult never gave my body a break (till now anyway!), making those old injuries a constant reminder. I have had several surgeries along the way in failed attempts to try and alleviate the 24/7 pain. Taken every opiate they have to offer trying to quell that never sleeping gnawing monster inside of me. Pain management classes, every type of NSAID you can name, hypnosis, TENS devices, wraps, lotions and potions, physical therapy by the year and decades, you name it I had tried it.

Or so I had thought anyway. Pretty much have spent the last 4 decades of my life in pain. About eight months ago my life has changed dramatically – for the best! I met Brad Whisnant, and since then my whole outlook on life has changed for the positive. He has been able to actually help me heal those old wounds to the point where I feel like I am alive again and not merely existing in hell on earth. I can do the simple things in life again without the monster raging every time I move. I have a life again, and feel like there is a reason to enjoy life now and not merely exist suffering from intolerable pain.

All from sticking little needles in places where it doesn’t even hurt! First time I had a session with Brad, he was putting these needles in my hand and arms and I am telling him “hey but it hurts in my back not my arms!” In my head I was thinking this isn’t going to work- the needles aren’t even where it hurts!! But within minutes I was experiencing pain relief unlike ANYTHING I had ever experienced. At that point I was astounded and elated. How could this really work? I have since given up on trying to define the whys and how’s of this happening to me from sticking needles in me and taking some herbs, and just accept with all the grace I can manage the healing powers this man has.

So for anyone suffering in pain and misery I beg you to try acupuncture and live again. There IS hope. Brad Whisnant is a true healer and will make you feel your best. There is no need to spend another day in hell on earth.”

- Dennis (St. Helens)

“Brad, thanks for everything! If it werent for you id still be in bed! thank you so much for all your healing and work you have put in with me.”

- Beth (St. Helens)

“Brad, his associates & office staff are professional, polite, helpful and friendly.

I have been going to Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic about 9 months and they have helped me so much in dealing with my pain issues. Brad is wonderful – in fact if I could I would take him home with me.”

- Donna (St. Helens)

“Brad Whisnant has been my acupuncturist for over 3 years. My treatment initially was for stress and anxiety. In 2008, our treatment plan turned to allergies. Specifically, nut allergies.

I have been allergic to tree nuts all of my life. This is an allergy that was cumulative for me. Every time I had an allergic reaction, my symptoms worsened. In my 30’s, this allergy was airborne. In 2008 I boarded a plane that did not specify they would be serving nuts. I had a severe allergic reaction as they started serving meals and the pilot had to make the decision to land the plane. I was dying. This event had caused my system to over-load and the western doctors had no hope for my condition. It was the worst they had encountered, and they were surprised I was still living. The doctor’s advise was to prepare for the worst.

Brad, of course, quickly looked into every possible healing option and came across a specific herbal formula for me to try, in addition to continued acupuncture treatments. Within months I started noticing gradual improvements in my condition. This improvement has continued as Brad continuously monitors our progress.

I say ‘our’ progress because this is not a healing path that I have walked alone. People come into our lives that change the course of our life forever. This is true for me when Brad entered my life. ,Over a year later, I am ecstatic to report that this continued healing has enabled me to regain my life. I am able to go to the grocery store without a mask! I am able to eat at restaurants again, go to the movies and the list goes on!

One can only hope that we all have a healer such as Brad enter our lives.”

- Mindy (St. Helens)

“It all started at the allergist office with a wonderful lady named Shelly, who said, “Hey, I have someone that I want you to meet. I know he can help you!” It was hard to see someone that I was unsure of and unsure of what he could do to help me. I was willing to try anything to feel better. I have had muscle pain for some time and have had whatever medication there is to take with little to no relief or feeling so drugged that I could not function in my daily activities. I could not even receive a hug without it hurting. I have two great kids and am on the run all the time but the pain was hard and making it almost impossible to move and work 40 hours a week. Until I meet Brad, I believe and know that Brad is amazing at what he does. I can tell you, that Brad really cares for you, your health and your whole wellbeing, this is such a blessing.

Being in the medical field which is becoming more mechanical every day, you don’t see that extra effort as much as we should. Brad is amazingly talented in his treatment of people’s pain and understand how important being pain free it to their lives. Within moments of my first visit I was relaxed and felt at ease with his acupuncture skills, he even made my sister who came with me for support feel relaxed and trusted in his skills. I remember on one visit that my leg that I had fractured 3-4 months before was causing me so much pain that while laying on the table with the needles in it, I was amazed that I was pain free!! I asked how did he do that. He keeps amazing me with what he does. I feel so much more alive and able to maintain my life as a mom. I would say that acupuncture and Brad gave me back my life!!!!

Thank you Brad and Shelly for all you two have done for me and continue to do for me”

- Kris

“I want to thank Brad for the wonderful care I received while he was treating me for leg and back pain. I have neuropathy in my legs. With his constant dedication for me…I continued to get better. We need more professionals around like Brad. He is truly dedicated to healing through acupuncture. I would highly recommend his services.”

- Carol (St. Helens)

“I started going to see Brad Whisnant, Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic, over a year ago because my husband had read an article in the Chronicle. He was curious and I thought “Sure why not,” Eastern Medicine has been practiced a lot longer than Western.

Being a Senior Citizen, own and operate a horse boarding facility, I am “care giver” for 17 horses, I needed a little help with aches and pains. the repetitious movement of shoveling, hauling, pushing, lifting, pulling, walking, running, jerking, etc. can give the ole’ body a work out and very sore muscles. (Ask Brad about the SSS)

After a few sessions, I was feeling a lot better, so I started going on a regular monthly schedule. We are working on a lot of other issues. Wellness for the heart, breathing, circulation, water retention, low thyroid, acid reflux. I take the recommended herbs Brad makes for me, which is part of the whole program.

I can not say enough about how wonderful I feel, not only just after each secession but continually. I truly believe in the holistic healing that acupuncture and herbs can and will do for your mind, body and soul.”

- Cassandra (St. Helens)

“I am so grateful to have you as my “care giver” and “Doctor” in my life.

Thank you for your constant love and kindness in addressing my physical needs and problems. Thank you so much.

I respect so much your honesty and openness in sharing your own personal struggles with the addictions of life.

I know through my visits with you how much you care about my well-being and good health.

You encourage me to do better and find the answers.

Thank you for explaining diabetes to me and giving me a clear picture of what I face.

Your wife is beautiful and very sweet. It was nice to meet her. I love you for being here for me!”

- Carol (St. Helens)

“I fractured my ankle in early May. I had surgery and had 4 screws and a plate put in my ankle. Before my accident – I was using Advil to treat my arthritis (aches & pains in my elbows & wrists & feet). I have been seeing Brad twice a week for a while, and I am feeling great. He is a kind man with a gentle spirit and wonderful skills and truly cares about his patients.”

- Bob (St. Helens)

“Whisnant truly saved my life, and my entire family. We are very grateful to have such a caring and knowledgable taking care of us. He is not also good at communicating with people, but also very patient to talk to us about our health and educating us about it. You should also really go see him! He is truly a magic!”

- EverydayHealth.com